Three post-conference will be organized on Friday. The trips will be on extra costs. Due to lack of interest, originally offered trips to Cesky Krumlov and Cervene Blato have been cancelled. The only sufficiently booked trip which we will organize is to Olsina.

At the end of the page, you can leave a comment about where you want to go, and find thus your friends for your trip.

Olsina Natural Reserve

Join us on a train trip (in a private wagon) and hike around Olsina reserve and enjoy a nice chat and time with your new or old colleagues. This hike is ca. 7.3 km and waterproof hiking shoes are recommended despite many areas are well pawed.

Departure: ca. 10:00 by train from train station (in a separate vagoon, capacity 40 people, booked by 35 as on 15th of June)

Program: Hike around Olsina reserve

Departure from Olsina: 16:11

Arrival to Ceske Budejovice: 18:00

Lunch: You will receive a lunch packet delivered to you the final train stop close to Olsina by a car

Dogs allowed on this trip

3 responses to “Associated Field Trips”

  1. Andrea Nieto Avatar
    Andrea Nieto

    Hi there,

    I was wondering what’s the price of each field trip?

  2. Katerina Sam Avatar
    Katerina Sam

    Prices will range 20-30EUR and more details willbe appearing over the weekend 21-23rd of April. The the booking of trips will be opened.

  3. Katerina Sam Avatar
    Katerina Sam

    I will be hiking around Olsina, who will join me? Katerina Sam